Video Goes Viral: NDTV Journalist asks an Insulting Question on Lord Rama, Raveena Tandon Thrashes her on Live Camera


Raveena Tandon is one of the few well known nationalists in Bollywood. She is quite popular for her open Tweets slamming biased journos and those who hate Hinduism. Once again she proves she is a patriot by slamming this journo who tries to insult Lord Ram.

Journalists in India have proved their true worth by insulting our culture and beliefs. In a similar fashion, this journalist tries to question Raveena over her choice of words in one of her film’s dialogue’s. It is time all the real patriots in India woke up and stood up to these idiots who only want to insult our age old culture.

In a movie launch press conference, a journo tries to act smart and asks Raveena Tandon who the word Ram was used in a dialogue, “apne andar ke Ram ko jagana padega”. When Raveena asks her what she means, the journo goes on to say that Ram was a male and Raveena Tandon is being a chauvinist by using Ram in her dialogue. The journo goes on, “by using Ram do you mean that we need that power we get from a man we need to protect ourselves”.

However, this Anti Hindu Jornalist of NDTV got such a Befitting reply from Raveena Tandon that she will never Forget

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