PM Modi gave this Lesson of Vedas on Environment Protection to French President Immanuel Macron, A Catholic


Some of you may be aware that PM Narendra Modi attained Sanyasa at an early age and he went to Himalayas as a Sadhu to Learn Vedas and Ancient Hindu Philosophy. He is the first Prime Minister of India who has brought back the Glory of Yoga on an International Platform by Initiating the World Yoga Day.

and now, he just gave this MINDBLOWING lesson from Vedas to french President Immanuel Macron who is a Roman Catholic Christian and the Interesting Part is that even the French President fell in love with this lesson from Vedas on Environment protection and promised to visit India Soon.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi vowed after meeting French President Emmanuel Macron on Saturday to “continue working above and beyond” the Paris Agreement on climate change, two days after Donald Trump had announced America’s exit from the deal.

Arriving at the presidential Elysee Palace, Modi hugged 39-year-old Macron, in scenes contrasting with Macron’s clenched-jawed, white-knuckle handshake with Trump in Brussels last week. An enthusiastic Modi said the French centrist’s election had “encouraged the whole world”.

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