Rana Ayyub posts this Shameful Tweet to Support Beef Eating, Got mercilessly Thrashed on Twitter


Central government’s decision of imposing a ban on the sale and purchase of cattle for slaughter is being resented by many in Kerala. Beef fests were organised in many parts of the state to show protest against the decision.  Also, few Youth Congress activists, who publicly butchered a calf to protest against the Centre’s ban, got suspended. But the disturbance because of this incident still remains intact.

This act is also being strongly condemned by many on social media.  Amid all this, we have also got some shameless journalists who still choose limelight over their duties. We are talking about journalist Rana Ayyub who posted a disgusting tweet on this sensitive beef issue. See what she had to say.

Rana Ayyub supports beef-eaters. But calling it ‘revolutionary’ only conveys her anti-peace intentions here. This disturbing tweet by Ayyub made people restless and one by one they came up thrashing her with their facts and killing reactions.

But one Mac Thimmaiah’s reply will surely leave her stoned. Check it out on the next page how this commoner exposed Rana’s ill-deeds.

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